Tomorrow is Primary election day!

Tomorrow is Primary election day!

Vote in The Democratic Primary on Tuesday, September 11!

Polls Are Open from 7AM to 7PM
Bedford High School

Don’t forget your ID!


Democratic Write-In Candidate!

Write-In Bill Barry for Hillsborough County Sheriff

Bill Barry of Manchester has recently stepped forward to be the Democratic candidate for Hillsborough County Sheriff. In order for him to be on the ballot for the November 6 elections, we need to write him in this coming Tuesday, September 11, Primary Day.

After you take a Democratic ballot on Tuesday, in the section for “Sheriff” write-in Bill Barry in the line marked “WRITE-IN” and then fill in the little bubble to the right.

If you would like to help with visibility outside the polls on Tuesday, just show up and look for our Democratic State Representative candidates, other volunteers, and the signs. You should see our crew on the right side as you enter the high school from the back entrance. There will be extra signs there to hold. The more the merrier; the large the group, the better the visibility! Consider hanging out for an hour or so before or after you vote. Thanks!

Democratic Candidates On The Primary Ballot

Here is the list of the candidates running for various positions, as well as links to their website or social media accounts.


Here’s a sample copy of the Democratic Primary Ballot:


See you at the polls!