2014 Grassroots Awards

The 2014 Grassroots Dinner, sponsored by the Hillsborough County Democratic Committee, was held in Milford on Saturday, June 28, 2014. Grassroots Awards were presented to 15 deserving Democratic Activists to acknowledge their outstanding local leadership and service within their local N.H. House District. The award winners were:

Porter C
Rep. Marjorie Porter
House District 1 (Antrim, Hillsborough, and Windsor)
With Presenter Rep. Dick McNamara

Johnson C
Don Johnson
District 2 (Deering and Weare)
With wife Jean

Markus C
Amy Markus
District 3 (Bennington, Greenfield & Hancock)
With Presenter Jim Curran

Dawidoff C
Heidi Dawidoff
District 4 (Francestown, Greenville, Lyndeborough & Wilton)
With Presenter Lawrie Barr

Bertrand C
Jennifer Bertrand
District 5 (Mont Vernon & New Boston)
With Presenter Paul Liscord

Lanza C
Judy Lanza
District 6 (Goffstown)
With Presenter Pat Giguere

Hanauer C
Jerry Hanauer
District 7 (Bedford)
With Presenter Mimi Silverman

Moriarty C
Mary Moriarty
District 21 (Merrimack)
With Presenter John Grady

Eggleston C
Patrick Eggleston
District 22 (Amherst)
With Presenter Rep. Shannon Chandley

Heden C
Rep. Ruth Heden
District 23 (Milford)
With Presenter Trudy Morgan

Reeves C
Terry Reeves
District 24 (Peterborough)
With Presenter Susan Ladmer

Daler C
Jennifer Daler
District 25 (New Ipswich, Sharon & Temple)
With Presenter Trudy Morgan

Thompson C
Keith Thompson
District 26 (Brookline & Mason)
With Presenter Rep. Melanie Levesque

McGhee C
Kat McGhee
District 27 (Hollis)
With Presenter Claire Helfman

Knowles C
Rep. Mary Ann Knowles
District 37 (Hudson and Pelham)
With Presenter Husband John Knowles

Typical Award 500
Typical Award