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“It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself.”
– Eleanore Roosevelt

Make a Difference. Get Involved.

An engaged citizenry makes a better community. The strength of our democracy is dependent on the engagement of thoughtful citizens working with those who represent us in Hillsborough County, Concord, and Washington D.C.

If you are interested in supporting efforts to promote Democratic values, policies, and candidates throughout Hillsborough County please let us know by filling out our Get Involved sign-up sheet.

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Subject: Get Involved Form

I want to help the Hillsborough County Democratic Committee and/or allied organizations during the 2014 Campaign!
 I am registered as a voter in Hillsborough County New Hampshire.
 Democrat Undeclared Republican

I am willing to:
 Help in General
 Be a Committee Leader
 Be a Candidate
 Recruit Volunteers

 Host a House Party
 Help with House Parties
 Provide Refreshments for House Parties

 Help with Telephone Campaign
 Make Telephone Calls from my home
 People I Know Democrats Anyone
 Make Telephone Calls from an area call center
 Be a Telephone Campaign Coordinator

 Help with Door-to-Door Canvassing
 Make Door-to-Door visits to friends and neighbors
 Make Door-to-Door visits to neighborhoods
 Alone With Others
 Drive around for Door-to-Door visits
 Distribute flyers Door-to-Door
 Be a Canvassing Coordinator

 Help with Visibility (signs and demonstrations)
 Hold signs at the polls
 Hold signs at the political events
 Hold signs around town before voting day
 Have signs on my vehicle
 Make signs
 Have signs on my property
 Find people willing to have signs on their property
 Get on a soapbox

 Work behind-the-scenes
 Do data entry
 Prepare mailings
 Author mailings
 Help with Website

 Write letters to the Editor
 Take part in political rallys

 Provide Food for Campaign Workers
 Provide Refreshments for Meetings
 Provide Housing
 Provide Transportation for workers
 Provide rides to the polls

 Contribute Money
 Contribute Professional Services
 Raise contributions from others

I am available (in general):
 Weekdays during the day
 Weekdays during the evening

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