The Committee

The Hillsborough County Democratic Committee (HCDC) is made up of all registered Democrats in the towns of Hillsborough County New Hampshire. The cities of Manchester and Nashua have independent committees. This committee has periodic caucuses to elect officers and members-at-large of its Executive Committee.

The Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee (HCDEC) usually meets the first Tuesday of the month in Milford, at the Wadleigh Memorial Library, at 7:00 PM

All current HCDEC members were elected on June 13, 2015 and will hold office until the next Hillsborough County Democratic Committee Caucus, to be held in June 2017.

Chairman – Karen Day, Greenfield
Vice Chair – Kim Kojak, Merrimack
Secretary – Bill Gould, New Boston
Treasurer – Gertrude Morgan, Milford

Executive Committee Members
Matthew Hale, Hancock
Alejandro Urrutia, Hudson
Susan Ladmer, Peterborough
Gale Taylor
Julie Radhakrishnan
Kermit Williams, Wilton
Gaetan DiGangi
Gwen Whitbeck, Mason

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