Meet Our 2018 State Representative Candidates


Joelle Martin





“My commitment to serving as your State Representative is stronger than ever. I am listening, and with your support, I will continue to work collaboratively at the State House to develop effective solutions that promote:

  • An economy that works for everyone,
  • Quality public education,
  • Strong, healthy families & communities.”

* Effective Legislator * Trustworthy Leader * Responsible Decision Maker * Business         Executive * Preschool Teacher * Community Leader


working to secure a better future for you, our kids, Milford, & NH. * (603)836-4356 * *  (twitter bird) @joelle4milford * (FB logo) Joelle For Milford

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Peter Petrigno

As the New Hampshire Teacher of the Year 2000, Milford resident of 31 years, and community activist, I have dedicated myself to my family, students, and neighbors.  I will bring the same commitment to the state legislature.

Political debate has become too divisive and mean-spirited.  We need to get beyond the rancor and focus on the needs of the people.  We can disagree without being disagreeable.

I believe in open-mindedness, honest discussion, and compromises when necessary.  I will not support or dismiss an idea simply on the basis of party.

As a legislator, my priorities will be:  Equal rights for all, quality public education, gun safety, property tax relief, and affordable healthcare, including mental health, suicide prevention, and drug and alcohol addiction.


Facebook:  peterpetrigno4nhstaterep

Twitter:  @peterpetrigno


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Kat McGhee

As a project management professional, business-woman and community leader, I’ve always been hardworking, practical and honest.

As your State Rep, I’ll bring needed relief from the extreme votes of my Free Stater opponent. He voted to zero out the state’s 35% contribution to town retirement funds, leaving property owners to pick up the tab. When a bill was proposed to reinstate 10% of that funding to towns, he voted against it. The bill failed by one vote.

I would not vote to down-shift tax burden to your property taxes. We can do better.

New Hampshire’s government works best as a bipartisan effort that relies on good and qualified people serving their community, giving back.

I’m running to continue that tradition.

Elect Kat McGhee on November 6th.

FB:McGhee for District 40

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John Frazier

Giving back to my community has always been important to me.  I was raised in the foster care system, and, thanks to communities like Milford, I was not left behind.  We all have the responsibility to care for our families and our neighbors and give to future generations opportunities we may not have had ourselves.


I am not a career politician, and, in fact, this is my first campaign.  I want to give regular people a voice. I will always do my best to represent your concerns in Concord.

As a fire officer for the past 19 years, I have helped many people during difficult times.   This experience, especially dealing with the opioid epidemic, will be helpful at the State House.

Like most of you, I love this town.  My wife and I are pleased to be raising our daughter here and have her attend local public schools.  It would be a great honor to represent Milford at the State House.



Paul Dargie

For many years I’ve been involved with various Milford civic activities, and now I want to extend my service to the NH House where many of our critical problems are addressed.

I am currently a town selectman and I served on the local school board for 15 years, five of them as chair.  This has provided me with a good understanding of local issues and how they are impacted by state actions.  I am opposed to the downshifting of state costs to the towns, as the state has done with retirement systems reimbursements.  I favor restarting school building aid for communities in need of such help.

My priorities include quality public education, improving the economy and infrastructure, women’s  and LGBT rights, veterans’ issues, gun safety, healthcare, and taxes.  I am responsive to constituent concerns, and I hope to advocate for Milford at the state level.


Phone:  603-233-5888

Facebook:  @PaulDargie4StateRep