Our Committees needs funding to accomplish our goal of electing Democrats in November 2016. We would appreciate your support.

Direct Contributions

Contributions can be made directly to either Committee by check or in cash. These can be delivered to the Treasurer or other committee officer. We will come to you to pick up substantial contributions. (Please check with us to see who to make the check out to).


The treasury for the Weare / Deering Democratic Committee will be held in the name “Deering NH Democratic Committee”. We already have an IRS Identification Number in that name. When we open a bank account that name will be used. Checks should be made payable to that name. The treasure will belong to the Democrats of both towns.


We will be using ActBlue for online donations. This donation site is identified with the Deering Democrats, but donations will go into a common Weare-Deering account. ActBlue is a non-profit political committee that supports Democratic candidates and committees across the country at every level of politics. Since 2004, they have become the nation’s largest source of funds for Democrats. You can use them to make a single contribution, or schedule periodic contributions.

Contribute Now to our 2016 Campaign Fund

ActBlue retains a processing fee of 3.94% for credit card donations. They will send a check for donations collected to our committee weekly.

The Laws

The laws limit the combined amount an individual may give to all political committees in a single state to $10,000. Donations to political committees are not tax-deductible.


There are dishonest individuals and groups out there that try to get money from people by posing as a political organization. If you have any doubts about someone wanting a donation, especially immediately, then please hold off and contact us. We do not plan to directly solicit credit card, debit card, or electronic check donations by telephone, but will direct you to donate using ActBlue.

Use of Funding

Our Committee needs funding for mailings, signs, and general operating costs. If we have sufficient funding we will use a portion to support the campaigns of local individuals who have the party’s nominations for the N.H. House, N.H. Senate, N.H Executive Council, and County Offices (in that order of priority). Some of this funding may go to another committee (such as a Senate District 8 committee) that will handle spending for specific campaigns. Our preference will be for campaign materials and mailings for our entire slate of local legislative candidates. We will not contribute cash to campaigns for President, Governor, or U.S. Congress, as these have significant fund-raising capability. We may fund advertising for our entire Democratic slate – from President down to N.H. House. We may notify you when there is a specific need, such as a town-wide mailing.

Before the Primary candidates will be responsible for their own fund raising and spending. Individual Democrats are encouraged to contribute to the candidates they favor. We will provide information about specific fund drives, including links.