About Us

This is a joint website for the Deering New Hampshire Democratic Committee and the Weare New Hampshire Democratic Committee. It will also be the Democratic website for New Hampshire House Hillsborough District 2.

Committee Officers and delegates to the NH State Democratic Convention:

     Co-Chair – LeRoy Marcroft (Weare) – 603-529-2863 – E-Mail
     Co-Chair – Ellen Dokton (Weare) – 603-529-1231 – E-Mail
     Treasurer – Arthur Stickney (Deering) – 603-464-0231 – E-Mail
     Secretary –
     Delegates-At-Large to State Democratic Conventions
          (Deering can have 1 and Weare can have 3)
          Donald Johnson (Deering)
          (Democratic candidates in 2014 are also delegates)

Elected 4/6/2015 for a 2-year term.

Technically the NHDP recognizes that each town has their own committee and officers. We are informally operating as a joint committee. Joint officers have been reported to the NHDP for their town of residence.

This Website is paid for and maintained by volunteers who are members of the Committee. Website hosting is partially funded by the Hillsborough County Democratic Committee. Not Authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
Contributions to the Deering or Weare Democratic Committee are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Webmaster: Arthur Stickney – 603-464-0231 – deeringdems@gmail.com