Presidential Primary

The 2016 NH Presidential Primary was finally held on Tuesday February 9, 2016.

The local results were:
Hillary Clinton 102 (33%)
Bernie Sanders 203 (66%)

Hillary Clinton 396 (29%)
Bernie Sanders 945 (70%)
Others 3 (1%)

Hillary Clinton 38%
Bernie Sanders 60%

Percentages are of Democratic Primary ballots cast. There were 28 names on the ballot that received votes. The leading minor candidate was Vermin Supreme, who got about 250 votes statewide.

On the Republican side Donald Trump won big, getting 41% in Deering and 38% in Weare.

This means the bombardment of TV adds, phone calls, mail, e-mails, and knocks on door will subside until next fall!

Representatives of the Weare / Deering Democratic Committee were at the polls in Weare with a sign most of the day to provide information about the committee.

The campaign websites were:
Campaign Website:
Campaign Website:

This link is to a website that lists all Democratic Candidates for President in 2016.